List of talks

C. Arnesen: A new reality: B -> pi pi annihilation in SCET
T. Becher: Threshold Resummation in Momentum Space
G. Bell: NNLO corrections in hadronic B decays
S. Fleming: Transverse Momentum Dependent Parton Distribution Functions in SCET
A. Idilbi: On Soft and Zero Bin Subtractions
C. Lee: Event shapes and SCET
S. Lee: A complete subleading shape functions analysis for B->Xs gamma
S. Mantry: Top Mass from Jets
C. Marcantonini: Reparameterization Invariant Operators in SCET
M. Neubert: SCET applications to Drell-Yan rapidity distribution and fragmentation
B. Pecjak: Factorization in DIS at large x
M. Schwartz: MadSCET 0.7: Preliminary Results and Practical Issues for a SCET-based Event Generator
I. Stewart: T.B.A. II
F. Tackmann: Gaining analytic control of parton showers
M. Trott: Sudakov Resumation and the SW Jet Definition in SCET
J. Zupan: Semiinclusive hadronic B decays in SCET

Last modified: March 21, 2007